Jean Annan

Family therapy - PEN 230

8 years of experience: Anxiety and insomnia, Sexual violence, Personal development, Pregnancy problems

Auckland , Great South Road, 300

Invitation from Administration

I am a registered educational psychologist with an interest in the emotional well-being of young people.
My practice is based on positive psychology and neuroscience, resting on the assumption that we can shine a light on every child. Children live their lives in the unique sense-making stories that they develop about themselves. Fortunately, stories that do not work for children can be changed, with consequent improvements in the way they feel and act.
I am currently seeing young people who want to change their relationships with anxiety, stress and depression. I also welcome parents and teachers who want to consider their own thoughts, emotions and actions as they support their children.

My clients are young people who wish to manage their emotional responses such as anxiety and stress. I also work with children’s parents and teachers to design support for children. A key focus for me when working with young people, their families and their schools is the creation of safe and respectful environments for everyone involved.

Degree/Diploma from University of Auckland in Education (MA) Master of Arts / 1991
Diploma from University of Auckland
Education / 1991

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