Philip Yazbek

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Individual therapy - PEN 220

7 years of experience: Relationship difficulties, Parting and loss, Low self-esteem, Depression and apathy

ONLINE counseling only

Invitation from Administration

I apply an integrated therapeutic approach in my sessions to suit your needs. I believe that living your truth is where you begin making the change. Therapy offers a safe space to talk honestly and openly about your challenges and feelings, however brutal it may seem to say out loud. I provide a non-judgmental space for you to share what's on your mind.
Everyone wants to be heard, feel understood and not feel judged. I find that building a trusting therapeutic relationship with my clients is central to my overall approach. For many, it may be your first time and possibly the first good relationship where you feel safe and open to sharing your story.

I have predominantly worked with people transitioning through big changes in their lives and in their work contexts. Change can be overwhelming and uncomfortable. We often fear it and struggle to take those first steps because it requires a lot of our commitment. Sometimes it can be paralysing anxiety and panic attacks that hold us back or it is because we are struggling with our purpose and intent and feel lost and hopeless at where to begin. Discovering your purpose and setting yourself up for success can be empowering. We often just need the right kind of guidance and courage to begin the journey.

Membership with Terence Watts BWRT Institute
Membership / 2016
Membership with The New Zealand Psychological Society
Master of Commerce in Organisational Psychology, Graduated 2009

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PEN 220 for one session
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